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SupaVite Step-By-Step Tutorials

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SupaVite is

How To Register On SupaVite.

  • Get a Registration Link from your Sponsor.
  • Open the Registration Link on your browser.
  • Carefully complete your registration form.
  • Click the CONFIRM DETAILS button.
  •  Take note of your SV Number.
  • Click the REGISTER button.

How To Order SupaVite Plus Boxes

  • Login to your Supa-Vite account.
  • Click the Buy Now button.
  • Specify the number of boxes you want to buy.
  • Click the Add To Cart button.
  • Click on View Cart.
  • Click the Secure Checkout button.
  • Complete your Billing Information.
  • Click the Place Order Now button.

How To Create SupaVite Affiliate Link.

  • Login to your SupaVite Account.
  • Click the LOCK/Key symbol.
  • Click on your Name to go to your Profile.
  • Copy your UserID Number at the end of the link on the address bar.
  •  Paste your UserID number at the end of this linkhttps://www.supavite.life/signup?AffiliateId=.
  • Test your link, if should display your name and SV number in the “WHO IS YOUR SPONSOR?” box on the registration form.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

 *SupaVite Plus* Meal is a Balanced Food that can be eaten any time of the day.
– SupVite Plus meal is a technically formulated *LOW GI* food which keeps you fuller for longer and SupaVite Plus meal is *High in Energy.*
– The SupaVite product is fortified with *13 Vitamins,* *8 Minerals* and *Moringa Oleifera* .
– The Moringa Oleifera Tree, which also known as *”Miracle Tree of Africa* “, is a rich source of Vitamins, and Amino Acids, making it an excellent source of Nutritive Ingredients.

Yes, SupaVite Company is 100% Legit. The company is in good standings, active and compliant. SupaVite was registered on 2017-09-07. The Enterprise Registration Number is: 2017-402557-07.

Mr Dumisani Goba, the Founder of SATMA Awards, GCEO of G4 Brothers Group, is also the SupaVite Founder. Mr Paul Nzimande is the CEO of SupaVite.

Yes, chrildren from an age of 6 months and above can enjoy SupaVite. SupaVite can be enjoyed at anytime of the day or night. SupaVite can be mixed with water, milk, you can make a smothie with SupaVite, you put it in your ice-creame, etc. SupaVite comes in three flavors: Original, Strauberry, and Banana.

You need to be 18 years or older. No qualifications required. It’s FREE to register and join SupaVite as a Distributor. You buy each SupaVite Box for only R500, each box contains 40 (50g) Sachets, you sell each sachet for R20 and make R300 Pure Profit per box!

Nope, it is optional to recruit, but if you do recruit, you make more money on top of your personal sales. You make R100 Commission per SupaVite box purchased by your direct referrals (your 1st Level). You get R50 per SupaVite box purchased by your 2nd level, you get R20 Per SupaVite box puechased by your 3rd level, etc. There are 7 Ranks that you can achieve and Once-Off Bonuses, National & International Trips, Thousands of Cash Money, Cars, and Houses worth Millions of Rands!  


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  •  The cornerstone of Health is a Balanced Diet.
  • Supavite Plus is fortified with 13 vitamins and 8 minerals, as well as it is supplemented with Moringa Oleifera “the Miracle Tree”.
  • The result is a highly nutritious meal, which is good as a complete meal or as a supplement to a meal.
  • Supavite is formulated to offer the benefits of a balanced meal with a great taste!
  • Supavite Plus is packaged into convenient 50g sachets, loaded into convenient carry packs.
  • Our carry packs are pleasing to the eye and attractive, making onlookers curious about its contents.
  • Each sachet contains as much Nutrition as a Balanced Meal, making it effectively a meal in a pack.
  • Whether to fit in a handbag for work or prepared into a Protein Shaker, Supavite Plus is a good meal-on-the-go.
  • The Supavite Business Model allows individuals to start their own businesses of distributing product for as little as R500.
  • From this small start up capital the earning opportunities are limited only by the individuals efforts.
  • The Supavite Opportunity allows one to add value to mankind while Earning a Profit from Personal Sales, Commission from Sales generated by Recruits, as well as the many incentives on offer.
  • Supavite has committed to give 10% Percent of it’s profits to Worthy Causes.
  • As such, buying Supavite is effectively contributing to those worthy causes which we fund.
  • Your spend is going to a good cause.
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