What is - The Company

SupaVite is a Direct Sales Company Specialising in the Manufacture, Marketing and Distribution of Healthy Food.
Mr Dumisani Goba, the Founder of SATMA Awards, GCEO of G4 Brothers Group, is also the SupaVite Founder. Mr Paul Nzimande is the CEO of SupaVite.

Supa-Vite Creates Business Opportunities and Employment to Ordinary People who Are Seeking Ways To Improve Their Lifestyle and Achieve Financial Freedom.

SupaVite Headquarters is in Pretoria with Branch Offices in Johannesburg, and Durban.

SupaVite is Real, Legit,  Compliant, & Registered. SupaVite Company Registration Number is: 2017/402557/07.

Mr Paul Nzimande - SupaVite CEO


SupaVite is on a mission to change the lives of ordinary people so that they can become Healthy and Wealthy at the same time.
No longer will affordability be a hinderance to Good Health.

SupaVite Products are packaged and priced with the ordinary person in mind.

SupaVite have created a family of members called “Viters”.
SupaViter “Viters” assist one another to set and achieve financial goals through selling of product which enhances the quality of life for SupaVite customers.

SupaVite’s inspiration is derived from their many Testimonies of Health and Wealth improvements experienced by SupaVite Customers and Distributors alike.

SupaVite is now, more than ever, convinced that indeed the cornerstone of good health is nutrition.
SupaVite speaks with certainty when they say, “Supavite, Supa Victory!”.

What Is SupaVite Plus -

Supa-Vite Plus Is A Balanced Food That Can Be Eaten Any Time Of The Day. It Is A Technically Formulated LOW GI Food Which Keeps You Fuller For Longer And Is Also High In Energy.

SupaVite Plus comes in Three Flavors: Original, Banana, & Strawberry. Each SupaVite box contains 40 (50 grams) Sachets.

The SupaVite Plus Product Is Fortified With 13 Vitamins, 8 Minerals And Moringa Oleifera. Moringa, Known As The “Miracle Tree Of Africa”, Is A Rich Source Of Vitamins, Minerals, And Amino Acids, Making It An Excellent Source Of Nutritive Ingredients.

SupaVite Plus Instant Porridge is good for the entire family.
It can be eaten by children from the age of 6 months and above.
SupaVite Plus Instant Porridge is good for Pregnant and BreastFeeding mothers too!